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Volunteer at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Learn valuable lifeskills and help the environment around you at the same time. Discover the beauty of our native fauna and help ensure they will still be here for future generations. If you are far away from our Western Australian hospital, you can still help Kanyana save wildlife in many other ways. And remember; we always welcome overseas volunteers.

Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre (Incorporated) is a not-for-profit organisation committed to the protection and welfare of native wildlife. Kanyana is run entirely by volunteers from the local community, with the generous support of local businesses. It takes over 120 volunteers to cover three shifts per day, every day of the year. The day-to-day activities of the volunteers provide for all of the needs of the animals and the operation of the centre. Specific tasks include nursing and feeding sick and injured birds and animals, cleaning and maintenance, administration and public education.

What's needed to become a Kanyana volunteer ?
No particular skills needed as we offer on-the-job training

  • A weekly commitment of at least four hours
  • Is over 16 years old
  • Has an up-to-date Tetanus injection
  • Fill in volunteer application form and attend an information evening
  • Has a paid-up Kanyana membership
  • Has completed a DEC Volunteer Registration form which is available from Kanyana

Anyone interested in becoming a Kanyana volunteer is invited to contact us on info@kanyanawildlife.org.au or (08) 9291 3900.

Web: www.kanyanawildlife.org.au/

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