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Radio Lollipop

Radio Lollipop is an international charity organisation founded in 1979 to provide care, comfort, play and entertainment for children and young people, primarily in hospitals. The service to children and young people is provided entirely by volunteers who have been especially selected, and trained to make a child's stay in hospital more fun and less frightening.

Each Radio Lollipop volunteer has a commitment to provide 2 hours per week of interactive play with children using a comprehensive range of fun and interactive activities developed over the years by Radio Lollipop. A broadcast radio studio is part of the armoury of activities in our "toy box" and is provided at most of the hospitals where the Radio Lollipop service operates, providing a unique child-orientated programme of interactive competitions, music, stories and games.

What qualities should a potential Volunteer be able to demonstrate?

  • An enthusiastic, positive and outgoing personality
  • An interest in playing with children, of all ages and creeds, in an interactive way
  • An understanding of the benefits that constructive play can provide for a sick child and their siblings
  • The ability to be a dependable team player
  • An appreciation of the need to uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity whilst within and without a hospital
  • The ability to meet the requirement to provide two hours of voluntary play each week.
  • Once appointed what might a Radio Lollipop Volunteer be expected to do?
  • Attend the compulsory induction and training programme
  • Join a ward-based team and observe / participate in the play activities / games and competitions agreed as the theme for the evening
  • Assist with the production and development of themed play activities
  • Hand out prizes to winners of competitions (and those who deserve to be winners!)
  • Help with fundraising for the local station
  • Develop radio presentation skills

For more information on volunteering opportunities, contact: www.radiolollipop.org 

Princess Margaret Hospital – 9340 8835, pmh@radiolollipop.org

Fremantle Hospital - 9340 8835, freo@radiolollipop.org

Joondalup Health Campus - 9340 8835, joondalup@radiolollipop.org

St John of God Hospital Murdoch - 9340 8835, murdoch@radiolollipop.org

Kelmscott Memorial Hospital - 9340 8835, armadale@radiolollipop.org

Kalgoorlie Regional Hospital - 9340 8835, kalgoorlie@radiolollipop.org

Rockingham Kwinana District Hospital - 9340 8835, rockingham@radiolollipop.org


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Latest News & Updates

Don't let winter rain on your parade!

Don't let winter rain on your parade!

It’s that time of year again where the daylight gets shorter, the weather cools down and our lakes and dams start to fill up again. For some people, this time of year is particularly difficult as the change of season can lead to a decrease in physical activity and leave people feeling unhappy and isolated from friends and family.

The change in weather doesn’t have to negatively affect our mental health, there are many great ways to stay active, belong and commit throughout winter!

What is Act-Belong-Commit?

What is Act-Belong-Commit?

Act-Belong-Commit is a mental health promotion campaign that encourages individuals to take action to protect and promote their own mental wellbeing.

New research shows that acting, belonging and committing can prevent mental 'ill' health in older adults

New research shows that acting, belonging and committing can prevent mental 'ill' health in older adults

This just released ground-breaking research showcased the results of a three year longitudinal study in Ireland. A team of international researchers from Spain, Denmark and Australia investigated whether Acting-Belonging-Committing prevented depression, anxiety and cognitive decline in people over 50. The results were very clear: they found the more people Acted, Belonged and Committed, the less likely they were to suffer from depression, anxiety and a decline in their cognitive functioning over those years.

Partner with us!

Partner with us!

We are seeking to partner with organisations who share a vision for a mentally healthy WA.  If your group or organisation offers opportunities for mentally healthy engagement, strives to improve individual and community wellbeing; or is keen to change the way people think about mental health, you may like to consider partnering with us.