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Avon Support Unit

The Avon Support Unit (ASU) is a group of volunteers specifically focused on assisting competitors in the Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent.

The ASU is funded by the event and provides access to training opportunities to prepare members for a safe and fun event.

Keeping in line with current trends all our training is either nationally or internationally recognised. If there is not a standard for the discipline we are teaching we adopt the closest one then change it to suit our needs. We then have a foundation from which to work from until we find a recognised standard.

The Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent weekend is very busy but very enjoyable and relies on the continued commitment from the volunteers in the Recovery and Rescue teams to perform at their very best.

Be committed to your training and have a safe and enjoyable race!

Volunteers Wanted

The Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent is seeking volunteers to assist with the conduct of the 2013 event. Volunteers will be part of the Avon Support Unit (ASU) who assist the participants in the Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent to have a safe and enjoyable event.

Are you into:

  • Outdoors
  • 4 wheel driving
  • Camping
  • Visiting National Parks

Volunteers handle tasks throughout the weekend including rescue of competitors, recovery of competitors and craft, parking, time keeping, security, ambulance services, fire protection, and many more.

ASU volunteers will spend the weekend along the course:

  • Encouraging participants
  • Assisting participants as required
  • Helping supporters and spectators

Free Training

ASU volunteers are well prepared through practical training which is conducted once a month on a Sunday morning during the months leading up to the event. All current volunteers are required to refresh their knowledge and skills and assist with the training of new volunteers.

Volunteers have the opportunity to undertake:

  • Basic first aid and rescue training
  • Intermediate and Advanced two day intensive Swiftwater rescue training

All necessary equipment, including personal safety equipment for both training and the event, is provided. Wetsuits are not provided for rescue swimmers or boat crews who will need to provide their own.

More Information

For more information about becoming a supporter of the Act-Belong-Commit Avon Descent have a look at the new website www.avonsupportunit.com or email any queries to michael.orr@avonsupportunit.com.

To Register as an ASU Volunteer

To register as an ASU volunteer please follow the link to the Avon Support Unit website www.avonsupportunit.com OR contact Michael Orr (ASU Manager) on michael.orr@avonsupportunit.com.

Register as an online user at www.avonsupportunit.com so you can keep up with all the latest info.

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